The Marriage Ceremony

How do I view the marriage ceremony?

The ceremony itself is obviously the culmination of a relationship that has developed over time and at the same time it is also the launching pad for a future in which the couple will learn to share life with one another in a way that will not only be mutually fulfilling, but also provide a healthy family base.

Even though the ceremony itself is such an incredibly short event in relation to the life that lies ahead it is still supposed to be a red letter event and a crescendo that should create fond memories for the years to come. It is a feast to be enjoyed and witnessed by family and friends.

It is for that reason that I am at the disposal of the couple as to how they want it done. My personal point of departure is a Christian one, but I am aware that not everybody sees life in that way, so I am adaptable according to the couple’s wishes. Should it be required, I can provide input as to how the ceremony can be enhanced.

My style of presentation is relaxed and informal. I am fully conversant in both English and Afrikaans and also switch between the two languages very comfortably.