Services We Offer

There are two services that I offer in preparation for the ceremony itself.

  • The first one requires two face to face meetings with the couple in order to get to know one another a bit and also to discuss the format of the ceremony they require.
  • The second one entails a marriage preparation course that consists of 6 sessions of one hour each. The purpose of the course is to help couples put some healthy values, structures, principles and habits in place so that they can live by and from them in the years ahead.

As a registered marriage officer with the Department of Home Affairs I provide the full range of services that are required to have your marriage registered on their database. This includes weddings where one or both of the party is a non South African citizen. At the conclusion of the ceremony I will issue you with an abridged marriage certificate. This will be sufficient for use in South Africa, e.g. for changing of ID documents.

You will however require an unabridged certificate for use outside of South Africa, e.g. to register your marriage in another country. You will have to apply for this with the Department of Home Affairs. In order to do so you will need a copy of your marriage register. I will provide you with your register once your marriage has been registered with the Department of Home Affairs, which will normally be done within 3 working days after the wedding ceremony.

From a post-ceremony perspective, I provide marriage enrichment courses, marriage counselling and general couple mentoring. Also dedication of babies and renewal of vows ceremonies.